February 13, 2010


A dramatic eye for blending visuals with text

— Raymond Frizzell, President, Tiger Industries, Inc.

MJR Group has a dramatic eye for blending visuals with text and creating a web site that has help to drive business to our site, increase visibility with our target markets, and caught the attention of the key distribution companies we need to move to ever better growth with our product lines.

We have added three new distribution companies this March and have two more in line to join our ranks. Each and every one of theses companies management members have shared that the punch, detail, and visual content grabbed there imagination and that of there customers, moving them to want to use the products and join the team.

One of the most creative people I have ever had a chance to work with…

— Phillip Wenz, Santa Claus Productions

During the time I have known Mike, he has distinguished himself as a conscientious and energetic pioneer in the fields of leadership and management. I have enormous respect for his leadership skills, and have been pleased to work with him on many occasions. He is clearly one of the most creative people I have ever had a chance to work with and is willing to get his hands dirty to get the job done. I especially value Mike’s ability to brainstorm innovative solutions and manage projects from conception through execution, on time and within budget. His work ethic and knowledge of marketing and promotions enhance a valuable addition to the numerous projects we have worked on together.

A perfect storm…

— Jaime Leger, Sheppard Leger Nowak Inc.

The best analogy to describe Mike would be ‘the perfect storm’. Mike has three incredible skill sets during a time when it’s difficult to find someone with just one or two. His talent is a combination of Marketing, Creative, and Technical. I have never met anyone that posesses all three at his level, while remaining down to earth, ego-free and a genuine nice guy. Mike and I recently partnered on a Social Media Marketing presentation, and if it wasn’t for his in-depth knowledge SM, creativity in the presentation, and the technical support, it wouldn’t have gone off or been received half as well as it did. He was a true genius on this gig! Mike unlike most of us refuses to take credit and it just pisses me off. Meet this guy, talk with him for fifteen minutes and you’ll be astounded. In fact I’d be surprised if he even posts this unsolicited recommendation. I hope he does, for your businesses sake.

Not your average PowerPoint presentations…

— Patricia Ferrick, ADI Time

We were in need of a PowerPoint Presentation which would concisely present the benefits of our latest time and attendance offering. Our target was existing customers only; so the messaging had to be focused on that particular audience. After attempting to do this myself…after all, anyone can make a PowerPoint presentation, right?…I came to the harsh realization that I needed some help! I was lucky enough to find the MJR Group in my search. They listened as to what I was looking to accomplish and took the time to understand the product that I was representing. They came up with a spot-on presentation that I can now modify as needed. I can honestly say it was one of the best investments as my company is still reaping the rewards in terms of customer upgrades! I would highly recommend the MJR Group to anyone at any time for virtually anything marketing related. They have an understanding of PowerPoint that is second to none. Who knew PowerPoint was capable of doing what I now know it CAN do thanks to the MJR Group!

The creative marketing edge we were looking for…

— Donna Doane, Founder, MaddJaxx. LLC

Mike has created and developed a number of presentations for us at MadJaxx to communicate our unique business to the world. We found his work to be exemplary, his creativeness and expertise in marketing is providing us with the edge we were looking for. Mike demonstrated a high degree of skill and his deliverables were on schedule, clear and concise. In addition, his style was open and inviting to questions. Mike is extremely enthusiastic about his work and I highly recommend him!